Local Rules - Pitching Machine

FGLL Pitching Machine Local Rules


 Remember to have fun, no one likes to lose, but this is not win at all costs.  Please teach sportsmanship.  Coaches please remember to be a good example for your kids.  Coaches must agree on any changes to play before the game starts.

These are local rules for FGLL.  If not listed below, FGLL follows the current rules as outlined by Little League International.

•    5 Pitch Maximum or 3 swinging strikes

•    Runners can only advance one base unless the ball is clearly hit to the outfield.  The outfield is defined as the grass.  If the ball has been hit into the outfield runners may advance at their own risk of being put out until the ball is in the infield and controlled by the player.

•    Runners must slide on close plays or be called out.  This rule is to avoid collisions and teach players how to slide properly.

•    The runners cannot advance an additional base once the ball is in the infield and under control.  Runners may continue to run to the current base or return to the previous, all at the risk of being put out. If a runner advances to a base and it is determined that the ball was under control prior to the advancement the runner will return safely to the previous base when the play is dead.

•    No stealing or extra bases on passed balls.

•    If a batted ball hits any part of the pitching machine an immediate “dead ball” shall be called.  The batter will occupy first base and all base runners will advance one base without penalty of being put out.

•    Teams change side after going through the batting order once or three outs, whichever is first.  Must assume each team has the same number of players in the batting order.  For example, if one team has 12 players and the other has 10, both teams bat 12 players.

•    Coaches will feed the pitching machine to their own team when batting.  Please use leather balls only.  No synthetic (ruins the wheel).

•    Pitching machine will be set and agreed to by both coaches prior to starting the game. Any changes to the pitching machine (speed and/or location) must be done at the top of the inning and agreed to by BOTH coaches.

•    Please keep players away from the wheel side of the pitching machine for obviously safety reasons.  Helmets or protective hat inserts are REQUIRED for players in this position.

•    Mercy rule is 10 runs after 4 innings.

•    Coaches may be on the field when on defense to help players pay attention and coach them.  When more than 9 players on a team, extras are to play outfield.  All players play defensively and bat.  Second half of the season no coaches on the field to help develop and prepare for the next season.

•    Base coaches will make all calls.  Be honest and fair, if unsure ask for a second opinion.

•    No “Chatter” or yelling from field or dugout.

•    Regular season games will be 6 innings and have a 90 minute time limit.  Do not start another inning with less than 10 minutes to the end of time limit.  Unless tied.  Play until winner is declared.  The time is determined by when the last out was made in the previous full inning.  For example, when the third out is made in the bottom of the inning.

•    A final score shall be agreed to by both coaches and reported to the league director by the home team.

•    Home team is responsible for putting bases and pitching machine away after the game.  Do not take legs off machine.  Lock up shed after last game.  Make sure bases are placed in the correct “bin” within the shed- marked #2.

•    All rain out games should be made up as quickly as possible.  Ideally within 2 weeks.  Coordinate with opposite coach and confirm field availability with PM Director.

•    If a game must be stopped before time limit, due to weather or other emergency type situations, both coaches will discuss and record the current inning, score, outs, players on base, which batter is up and pitch count. The remainder of the game will be rescheduled according to regular procedure and will resume where it was left off.

•    Pre-Game discussion between coaches must take place 5 minutes before each game starts.  Make sure both coaches agree on game time start prior to the game.

•    All regular season games are to be played as an official game per the game schedule (web site).  If one team does not show up, or does not have at least 8 players, it is declared a forfeit.  If a coach needs to change the date of a game, it must be done in advance of the scheduled game and must be rescheduled on the official schedule prior to game time.  For example, no “verbal agreements” as to when a game time will be made up.

•    Standings for the regular season will be used to seed players for a single elimination playoff tournament.  The seeding will be done by win-loss record.  Seeding on the web site is automatically done and is final.  Single elimination playoff tournament will be at the discretion of FGLL and may be altered, changed, or eliminated based on weather conditions, field availability or any other reason.

•    There will be no time limit for playoff games. The full 6 innings will be played or until there is a winner.

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