Local Rules - T-Ball

Tee-Ball is the foundation of our program and plays an invaluable part in not only developing basic skills, but more importantly developing a love for the game! So no matter who cries, or loses their glove, or picks daisies in the outfield…remember to have fun.

General Guidelines/Rules

  • Bat through line up each inning
  • Each batter and runner take one base at each at bat
  • Last batter everyone runs around all the bases
  • No outs
  • Coach pitches to his/her own team
  • Approximately 3 pitches then put the T up
  • 3 innings or until the hour is up (not less than an hour, please)


  • Don’t let all the kids crowd the mound- place them in positions and make sure some play the outfield
  • On last batter the team on the field needs to remain on the field until the last batter has crossed the plate- this is good experience but also prevents crashing!
  • Switch the players around to play different positions each inning and/or game
  • An easy batting order is by jersey number if you find it difficult to keep track (reverse order every other game)
  • Ask a helpful parent at the beginning of the season to coordinate snack schedule- Teeballers love their snacks and that is one less thing you as a coach have to worry about

If you have any questions/concerns about your team, the field, equipment, schedule, etc please your league director for assistance. 

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