Current FGLL Board Members

Email the board:  [email protected]
Phone: 810-294-4951

Executive Committee
Joshua Sparling - President
Danelle Bowers - Vice President Softball
Bobby Clark - Vice President Baseball
Danelle Bowers - Treasurer
Lisa Mrowiec - Secretary
AJ Armbruster - Safety Director
Erin Peyerk - Player Agent

Board of Directors
 Director of T-Ball - 
 Director of Pitching Machine - AJ Armbruster
 Director of Minor League - Kyle Sheppard
 Director of Major League-  Bobby Clark
 Director of Junior League - Mike Barylski
 Director of Senior League - Mike Barylski
 Tournament Director - 
 Softball Director8U -  Jeremy Young
 Softball Director 10U - Dan Kamendat
 Softball Director 12U - Danelle Bowers
 Softball Director 14U - 
 Equipment Director - Roman Torrez
 Concession Stand Director - Danelle Bowers

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