Intermediate 50-70 League

This is the first year FGLL has offered an intermediate division, and it is only the second year Little League International has allowed it.  This is a NEW division for 13 year old players ONLY.  Please read the information below and make sure you understand all the details before you sign up.

This league is only available to 13 year old players.  The 50-70 league, or intermediate league, uses a field size that is between the Major Division and the Junior Division.  The dimension between home plate and pitchers mound is 50 feet, as opposed to 45 feet (Majors) and 60 feet (Juniors and Seniors).  The base paths are 70 feet apart as opposed to 60 (Majors) and 90 (Juniors and Seniors).  I know this sounds confusing, but basically here are your options:

1) A 13 year old can play in the traditional Junior League (13-14 yrs) on the big diamond.  This is typically a difficult transition for most players...they are moving to a bigger field and playing with bigger kids.


2) A 13 year old can play in the new Intermediate division with ONLY 13 year old players on a field that is only slightly larger than the field they used at the Major division.  In theory this is an easier transition for the players and will help retain kids for the older divisions.  There are some more issues you need to understand, keep reading...

Please refer to our Most Frequently Asked Questions for more information.  

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